01548: Mid-Week Assessment

So I took a step back for a moment and realized just how crazy my work schedule is for the next two weeks. I have at least two major site visits to organize (despite the lack of details for one of them), another potential visit that has yet to be scheduled and a major deadline to cap it all off. And of course the dates of all these work items are all overlapping, so I foresee even more madness in the days and weeks to come.

I suppose I should be thankful that everything seems to be slotting themselves before Holy Week - but I know it's still early yet and who knows what might come along further down the pipe. I generally get to enjoy the Holy Week days as off days, but there have been exceptions here and there. For now, fingers crossed that things turn out well in the end.

And it's only the middle of the week! This has certainly been quite the first quarter storm at work. I just hope that I finally get to hire someone to support my efforts soon. I'm starting to get a little desperate and wondering if I should lower my standards - but I know that if I do that then I'll risk more headaches further down the road. For now I need to stick to my guns and hire tough! And hopefully I'll still be alive to see this new employee join the company.

But I don't feel bad about work. I've always somewhat enjoyed having a full plate since it keeps things interesting, to say the least. Without sufficient challenges, work becomes boring and unfulfilled after all. Yes loving your job is important, but so is being tested and being pushed to your limits so you can continue to grow and develop. As long as you're not under a constant barrage of extra work ALL the time.

And damn, it's HOT! And since it's only mid-March, we all know the summer is only going to get hotter. Great.