01553: Good Weekend Vibes

This has been a rather interesting weekend. Not quite typical - but what weekend ever is?

Yesterday was light - Tobie and I caught a screening of The Croods over at Gateway and were pretty happy with how the movie went. It was nicely funny and quite entertaining and on the whole - as usually not quite a typical "children's" movie. Of course the casting for the voices was also entertaining given it had the diverse range of Nicholas Cage, Emma Stone and Ryan Reynolds.

And yes, I totally love Belt.

After we went in search of a good place for a massage. We were feeling somewhat adventurous and were considering trying out Amistad Spa. However the lack of parking invalidated that. In the longer term we ended up at a familiar haunt, Spa Manoli, which offers great massages but is very light on amenities. And while nice amenities like a sauna or a pool would have been cool too, but the greater priority was the quality of the massage. And thankfully it was still great.

Today we've been playing various games here at the Sietch together with Erich and Rachel. We're going through various games in a sort of omni-gaming day and thus far we've played the quirky card game Gloom and the dramatic game Our Last Best Hope. It's been a crazy afternoon and we're just having a dinner break before we play one more game. There's a big chance we'll play Fiasco unless we venture into something else.

So yeah, there's a bit of an effort to relax this time around.

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