0154B: Sietch Creare Upgrades for March

Tobie and I spent some time this afternoon re-arranging the Sietch to accommodate the new appliances we had purchased yesterday. The biggest change involves the new free-standing water dispenser as opposed to the tabletop one that we had before. Adding the water dispenser meant freeing up counter space, and thus the new configuration in the photo to the right.

We initially wanted to put the new microwave on the third shelf below where it is now, but the shelf didn't seem solid enough to accommodate it safely. So now it's up there on the more stable counter.

I'm just glad that we have free up surface space for chopping and other cooking preparation activities. It helped that we moved to turbo to the area beside the sink since that leaves it still accessible but not always in the way. I didn't want to to be stored away since the moment we do that, we'll use it a heck of a lot less. And the turbo is definitely one of those appliances that we should use more.

Oh, and moving the oven toaster there to the counter instead of where the microwave is majorly good thing since it'll make it easier to use the panini press built-into the top of the toaster. Yay!

In other news, this work week really drained me for some reason. I somewhat crawled through this final shift, although I still achieved all my goals for the day. So on the way home I detoured through Gateway just to look at the toys a bit in order to help cheer my spirits. I didn't even buy anything, I just looked at the stuff. Looking at toys makes me happy.

However I did indulge a bit and bought new PS3 games for me and Tobie to enjoy. After much delay I finally picked up the Studio Ghibli animated RPG Ni No Kuni, which we had been delaying in the hopes of the price going down. But my patience gave out and so now we have the game. Also picked up the Mass Effect Trilogy set since it was quite the steal at under P2,000. No idea when we're going to actually find time to play these games, but it's nice to have them.

I'm feeling better already. Hello weekend.
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