01556: The Fight for Marriage Equality

I still have one more work shift to deal with tonight. It'll feel like a bit of a struggle to be sure but I know I'll get through it. There's the longer weekend to look forward to - and I am definitely not going to engage in any religious activities. Well, other than gaming, if you want to consider that a religious activity of sorts.

Bacon Equality by Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal
And on a lighter note, there's bacon equality
In major news, the US Supreme Court heard arguments today regarding California's Proposition 8, which determines whether or not it is constitutional for same-sex couples to marry within the state. The hearing triggered a Facebook awareness campaign that's still sort of going on until today and Tobie and I made sure to participate. It may not seem like much in terms of direct impact, but it's a great way to show support for how importance marriage equality is for LGBT couples around the world.

I listed to the roughly 1 hour, 20 minute Supreme Court hearing and was pretty impressed with the way the discussions were going. Granted, it doesn't sound like the Supreme Court is going to go as far making a sweeping change to allow gay marriage across the US anytime soon, but I think Proposition 8 stands a decent change of being overturned, even if just on a technicality. At the same time I only wish that the level of discussion in the Philippines about LGBT rights was even a fourth as good as what went on today. The arguments were fairly intelligent on both sides and I can see where the judges' thinking is going based on their questions. Here we always fall back to the senseless Bible-thumping and overly emotional pontificating with no direction.

LGBT rights have such a long way to go in the Philippines, and I feel like there's an opportunity to greater education in the country with regard to human rights. We don't need to be antagonizing in the way we deal with our opponents or the ultra-conservative religious critics of LGBT rights. There's a way to take the higher ground and help people understand things more. I think I have an idea of an online advocacy - at least one that will help spread awareness among Filipinos. It'll take a heck of a lot of work though.
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