01540: That Bug Going Around

I went to a work a bit later than my usual time because I was feeling rather other under the weather. I seem to have picked up a cold somewhere and I've been feeling rather nauseous almost the entire day. At first I thought that maybe Tobie and I had just overdone our weekend festivities or something and thus these are just symptoms of fatigue. But now that I've had a chance to better examine my social feeds, it seems quite a number of my contacts are also feeling ill.

Hopefully this isn't anything too serious that I'll be able to fight off with minimal medicinal support. I'm also not too keen on needing to see a doctor anytime soon, but we'll see. Admittedly I'm rather stubborn when it comes to proper consultations and I end up resorting to my own knowledge of over-the-counter medicine from my drug store days to keep me afloat.

I have started another round of Pecof tablets though. Of all drugs that I've taken for my various coughs and colds over the years, admittedly I have come to believe in this particular drug because of its rather aggressive formulation in dealing with asthma-related coughs. And I've long come to accept the fact pretty much all of my coughs are asthma-related more than anything else. Such is my fate in life

In this country, antibiotics aren't as controlled as they should be. Technically you should have a prescription to get them, but since most folks can't even afford doctors you can tell that drugs stores are a lot more liberal in this area. And thus far too many people have access to antibiotics as seeming wonder drugs and yet do not know enough about them to use them effectively. At the very least, people need to understand the importance of completing the entire antibiotic series instead of stopping as soon as they start to feel better.

I've learned not to rush to antibiotics too quickly, if only to give the body a decent chance to fight off whatever it ailing me before calling in the big guns. Ultimately, we want to train our body's defenses to better deal with these things as they come along and rushing to antibiotics all the time seems like spoiling them rotten. I like to save them for when they are truly needed and thus helping keep them all the more effective.

I'm definitely not at the antibiotics level at this point, but I always keep close tabs of these things. I may qualify for paracetamol soon though. And maybe some cold medicine to deal with these annoying sniffles. Oh fun.

Stay hydrated dear friends. Summer has yet to rear it's fiery head for some reason.


  1. Hope you feel better, Rocky. Had to take the week off because of acute respiratory track infection and conjunctivitis. So yeah, stay hydrated and have lots of Vitamin C.

    1. Not you too, caleb! If TheSaint is sick too, I'm calling a pandemic crisis na. =P


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