0154F: Doing Well at Work

I have to admit, I feel like I've gotten pretty good at my job. I'm not exactly one to blow my own horn, but after today's big visit, I had to appreciate for myself how far I've come.

I didn't exactly foresee myself on this particular career path - like ever. Then again, my school days seem so far away now and my former notions of what I was going to end up doing professionally were no where near where I am now. And that'll always be one of the bigger lessons from college for most folks.

On the flip side, it's not like I've really slacked off at any point in my time in the BPO industry. I've always put in a lot of time and effort into whichever role I happened to be handling at the times. And I've certainly been around - Operations, Quality Assurance, Training, Audit & Compliance and now Marketing. It's not exactly a logical progression, but I've gone where the company has needed me most - or something like that.

It's not like one can automatically be good at any job. It always takes time and I think my burn in is at least 3-6 months to get decent and maybe a year to start feeling like I have a chance at excelling at the job. And the drive to do more than just "acceptable" is sort of hard-wired into me (as should be the case for everyone). I know I have my mother to blame for this nearly singular drive. It's typically her voice that I hear in my head when I start to question how well I'm doing. After all, we were raised to believe that if you're not nervous before a test or some other big deadline, then you didn't do enough to prepare yourself. Stress is just part of the equation for our family.

I'm glad the major stuff for this week are out of the way. I'm going to breathe a modest sigh of relief while some new tasks and deadlines are bound to come my way. It's only a matter of time.
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