01552: Perpetual Motion

On more than one occasion, Tobie has asked me when we'd make time to just stay in bed all day. It's an interesting thought but that I have to admit I have some difficulty wrapping my brain around. I found myself thinking about this today on my way home from work. No matter how tired I state I am at the end of every work day (and what more the work week), we really do keep busy.

As much as we all look forward to the weekend - and by we I mean the general working world - I realize that our weekends here at the Sietch are typically busy. Between gaming sessions, nights at O Bar, watching stage plays, watching movies and even just going around Greenhills, we have quite a lot going on. And during the week I know that my "idle" time is still spend watching TV, blogging, watching movies and maybe the odd chance to spend some time on the PS3. The closest thing that I get to true "idle" time is probably when I read a book in bed.

The easy route may be to blame the Geeky Guide and my blogging in general. When you run a pop culture, you need to "consume" a lot of media. Thus I'm always watching stuff or reading things that eventually get featured in the blog in the form of reviews. A lot of my photos of various things at the Sietch, Transformers or different events all become good source material for photos to spice up my entries. So admittedly I feel a degree of pressure to keep the blogging queue full with entries since the blog publishes at least 6 times a week.

But there's also the consideration that my brain tends to wander when I'm not doing anything. And by wander I mean I just think about one thing and then another and then another until I'm stuck in this cascade of endless trains of thought running in a million different directions. Sometimes I "emerge" having been surprised at how much time as passed. Other times it turns out that someone had been calling my attention but I totally didn't hear them. It doesn't happen so much as long as I keep myself busy or at least keep my brain preoccupied.

So a lot of times when I am left with nothing to do, my instinct is to sleep. Those days that I wake up earlier than Tobie on a weekend, I end up reading in bed beside him or playing games on my tablet. The goal is not to leave the bed so that when he does wake up, I'm right there beside him still. It's always nice to watch his face light up when his brain shakes off whatever he was dreaming and he realizes where he is and who he's with.

Words fail to describe it.


  1. Mwaaah.. at least I haven't been slipping back to Archer mode. Heheheh!


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