0154C: Monthsary Sunday

Today happens to mark the fourth month of Tobie and me being back together. And some may argue that perhaps monthsaries are a little silly given we've been living together for four years with a weird period of being single in the middle of it, but it helps to be accurate. And thus we've been counting again since the 17th of November, 2012.

It's fun when you get to choose a new anniversary date, haha.

But it's not like we planned anything particularly major for today - but a lot of good things have in fact happened. We crossed midnight playing the tabletop RPG Kult together with the old gaming group consisting of Sam, Aldwin and Urim. It was a nicely dark game although I regret how my lack of sleep eventually knocked me out before everyone finished their turns for this particular session. Drat.

Today Tobie and I made our way to Greenhills since I had scheduled a meet-up with a seller for the Transformers Classics two-pack consisting of Ultra Magnus and Skywarp. But since we got there fairly early, that also gave us time to look around a bit more.

Given I recently got my leave credits conversion, I finally had the money to pick up the Transformers Collection edition of Soundblaster. While there was a later Encore release of the same figure, this one is notable since he includes both Ravage and Buzzsaw as his cassette minions. Too awesome! And I definitely wanted to have a G1-style Ravage again - my original one was lost sometime in my childhood, unfortunately.

I had to look around a bit more for the Transformers Masterpiece Ravage and Rumble two-pack. There was none available at GreatToysOnline, but thankfully found one elsewhere at Big Boys Toy Store II also at the mall. And this was the version with the coin! So yay!

Then it was time to just wait for the seller to arrive with the Classics figures, and man do they look awesome. And the toys came with a lot of great Transformers conversation with a fellow collector, so it was definitely a good transaction all around.

But then it was time to rush off to Makati to catch No Way to Treat a Lady. I think this was the first time that Tobie and I had caught a Repertory Philippines musical together - all other shows had been straight plays. The show in itself was pretty entertaining although I wasn't a total fan of the some of the scoring.

But while we were at Makati Tobie managed to find the first 13 volumes of Fables and two of the spin-off trade paperbacks being sold as a set and a rather rare Transformers collector's guide for G1 figures. So yes, we bought up all these books to add to our geeky little collection.

Now we're just resting here at the Sietch before heading out to O Bar later. I think coffee is in order.

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