01542: A Happy Day for Gifts

When you work the graveyard shift, your life requires a particular balance in order for you to survive the rigors of shift work. You need to discipline yourself to sleep at the right time and try not to disrupt your routine too much over the weekend along with hundreds of other little adjustments. But every now and then you get little unavoidable hiccups like how I fell asleep upon getting home from work. Normally I give it a few more hours before I go to bed but Tobie and I have long theorized about the unique properties of our bedroom that make it so conducive to sleeping and so hard to escape from. I was not able to escape the "singularity" in our bedroom this time around.

Four hours later and I'm awake much earlier than hoped because there was a courier at the door. But at least it was a happy delivery - BPI had sent over a travel bag as a way of apologizing for the handling of the past incident with my credit card replacement. It's really just a gesture and it doesn't seem like much, I know, but the fact that they still tried to do something after all my ranting and various demands, I think this goes a long way towards rebuilding the trust I have in the company. I will get around to documenting how all this was eventually resolved in another blog post just to properly close out that issue.

In random Sietch news, Yoshi has not pooped in the last 24 hours or so. We're a little worried and if things don't change by tonight, we're definitely going to bring him to the vet tomorrow to get him checked out. He remains as active and lively as ever and he continues to eat as normal so it seems he's okay except for the no pooping big. Anyone have any advice on the matter?

Lastly, today we held a small Service Awards ceremony for company employees who had been with us for more than 5 years. Given I'm a 9+ year employee, service awards are rather significant to me since it's always a good thing when one's continued commitment to the company is valued even in small ways. And this year I got a nice little certificate and a pretty cool watch to boot!

Of course the best moments of the event highlighted the fact of how obsessively I take photos of people and events like this. I snapped photos of everyone receiving their gifts and when it came to my turn people were concerned that no one was going to take my photo. So I quickly reversed my camera and ended up with a selfie with our CFO. Thankfully, I later had someone take a better photo together with our Country Manager and CEO - and man what a total surprise it was that she had flown in for the event!

So yeah, June marks my TENTH year with the company. How crazy is that?