0153D: Surprisingly Productive Saturday

Our internet service seems to be back to normal after yesterday's odd snafu of sorts. Of course I have no idea what happened - that'll always be a challenge given the quality of our local customer service. I guess I should just be thankful that things are better.

Today is Wheelie Day, although our primary celebration for the day was in the form of a box of Ferrero Rocher. But that doesn't mean the day is any less special. However, I have to concede that we actually shared a rather large ice cream bowl at Icebergs

And today has also been rather productive for a number of reasons. The biggest one on the home front is the fact that I finally gave Yoshi a bath after what has been 2 weeks now, I think. He was much in need of bathing given all the little bits of dirt that had managed to get caught in his fur. How does one small dog get into so much mischief? It's beyond me!

What is funny is the fact that we actually spent the day a the mall despite the on-going 3-day sale madness that seems to have taken over all of Cubao.

You see, Tobie and I aren't very commercial in this regard. Sure we invest a lot in toys and game boards and the like but for general retail items like clothes, this is not so much the case. However this time around necessity sort of forced me out of the house and we ended up finding a variety of things. In my case, I ended up getting four new pairs of pants - two for work and two pairs of jeans. And they're not particularly stylish or fabulous or anything silly like that. They fit well, looked sturdy and were among the sale bins. I feel a tad guilty that my two work slacks are still cheaper than a Deluxe-class Transformer figure. Geek priorities.

Of course I can't hide the fact that I also picked up a few Transformers from the recent Beast Hunters line of toys. As much as I had committed not to get any toys from the Transformers Prime line of toys, the recent Predacons - all of which happen to be dragons - are a bit hard to ignore. Plus add in how several of the Legion-class Cyberverse figures will come together to form a modern update of the G1 gestalt Abominus, well, you can imagine I'm pretty excited. Gestalts are always a fun addition to the collection.

Plus Ripclaw is a girl. Imagine that!

On the whole, it was a good day out - plus we even got haircuts! I'm just thankful that we're rather efficient on the shopping front. It only took us about 2 hours to get all of our main clothing shopping done. Plus we made sure to lump all of our purchases together and thus I was able to avail of the option to have it on deferred credit card payment without interest. Yay for installment options! And thus the rest of the time that we were out was a bit more leisurely in contrast.
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