0154D: Friendship Empowerment

It has most certainly been a rather full weekend.

Tabletop gaming, musical theater, new Transformers, new comic books and a wild night with good friends at O Bar? Yeah, definitely a good weekend indeed.

And as tiring as the weekend was, the irony is never lost on me how feeling tired never felt so energizing, especially with another work week ahead. And I suppose that's part of the magic of weekends. You get to invest so much time and energy into doing things that you want to do as opposed to doing things that you have to do in order to get paid and in the end you feel rather rewarded.

And I know a big part of what makes our weekends so amazing are the great friends that we have as well. And while I would 't go as far as saying that Tobie and I have a heck of a lot of friends, but we do have very important ones that we truly value and cherish and invest a lot in. And thus far, these emotional investments have certainly paid off in their own right and I'd like to think our close friends do understand how important they are to us. Sometimes I wonder if we're already crossing some sort of line in terms of how much affection we show, but then again the world is big enough for any number of ways of loving others. There's always room for more.


  1. As long as we know where our hearts stand love, the world can judge us til it falls apart and we will remain happy and together.


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