0155A: The First Gaming Session

So I've been running my first-ever tabletop role-playing game today. And I have to admit, it seems things are going fairly well. At least in theory - the jury's still out, but at least one player has said that she's having fun. So that's a good thing.

I'm still getting a hang of things, for sure, but I think I can get the hang of it in time. My bigger challenge, as expected, is best determining when to allow players to roll for resolution for actions. I've still been somewhat "hoarding" those instances, which is sort of a natural side-effect of the desire to get through the initial exposition in order to move the story forward.

What is more interesting are the side-discussions related to the system. Ultimately this is pretty much a playtest of the homebrew system after all and the feedback is pretty awesome. And while I still feel a tad nervous here or there, I think on the whole I'm getting better.

Hey, it's my very first game after all.

But man, this is fun.