0153C: Wonky Friday

For one reason or another, our Bayantel connection here at home is having trouble loading various Google services. It took me a few resets to get Gmail working again but we continue to have trouble with Blogger for one reason or another. So this has become an unexpected test of the Blogger's post-by-email option. If I'm lucky, this will publish correctly once I send it along. If not, it will either appear as a draft, OR...Blogger will start working immediately after I publish the post via email. Fingers crossed at this point.

Work was pretty good - I got a lot done but didn't feel overly stressed for the first time in weeks. And while I still have my obligations to deal with and deadlines to manage, things have been far worse. Now I just hope that Recruitment manages to find me someone of interest that can potentially fulfill our vacancy in the Marketing group. More fingers crossed.

It's always a little frustrating how quickly your salary gets divided into savings and money that needs to be put away towards paying bills. This is a normal rant around payday, but I suppose I should still count myself fortunate. Still, I know we all wish for just a little bit more liquidity in order to stretch our paychecks that much more. That's life for you.

Let's hope the weekend ahead is as good as hoped.