01558: A Rather Good Friday

So we didn't exactly do much today - in fact we spent most of the day in bed since we had stayed up all night after our Maundy Thursday gaming session. Although it wasn't exactly just a matter of staying up for the sake of things - both Tobie and I actually had work stuff that needed to be addressed before we could eventually retire for the day.

It was nice to just sleep in, although it was definitely quite unproductive. And while I did consider leaving Tobie to sleep some more while I found ways to busy myself, it seemed like a much better idea to just stay in and make the most of the holiday. So I got more reading done and played a few games across our tablets and that was that.

But I eventually had to get Tobie to wake up so we could finally get a start to our day. And somehow had to cook so that we could actually have something to eat, hehe.

We're planning on hitting O Bar later tonight when they open at around 01:00am. In the meantime I have a game system to more or less map out...