01690: Transformers Shelf Day

So I've spent a better part of today arranging Transformers and other geeky things on the first of two sets of new shelves that Tobie bought for the Sietch. I know this sounds a little silly, but shelving is one of the greatest gifts that any geek can receive. Whether it'll be used for books, toys or other collectibles, the storage provided by shelving will always be of some use to a geek.

The tricky thing about this whole endeavor is just figuring out a system for which figures go on what shelf. And believe me, I've been thinking about this ever since we mapped out getting these shelves in the first place.

But even the best laid plans still need to survive contact with the enemy, just to mix metaphors for a moment. And in this case, it means actually laying out the figures to see how they map out. It's easy to think of categories and segmentation across the  the shelving arrangement. And then when you actually start laying them out you realize all the little quirks of the figures including wings and other odd bits of kibble that stick out and get in the way of nice clean rows, annoyances in differences in height and accessories that block other figures.

So this is basically going to be a photo tour of the shelves up close. Enjoy!

So here's what I have so far:

The top shelf is for everything that's still in a box whether intentionally or to preserve it. Thus there are a lot of action figures, many of which were gifts from friends. It's also to minimize the weight load on the top of the shelving unit to avoid potential accidents in the future.

Shelf 2 starts with various Dinobots, mostly Grimlocks.

Then we have Insecticons and Predacons (although Beast Wars Inferno is just there as a bonus).

And then Shelf 2 ends with assorted Transformers Animated figures that didn't fit into other categories.

Shelf 3 is the feature shelf - thus we have all the different versions of Soundwave that I own - obviously because Soundwave is superior. The only ones not included here are Masterpiece Soundwave and his cassettes and a Transformers Collection version of Soundblaster - box figures being kept safe in their original boxes.

This is followed by various versions of Shockwave and Ultra Magnus with the Decepticon Kreo Micro-Changer Combiners thrown in for good measure - but I expect they will move soon.

And Shelf 3 ends with the obligatory versions of Optimus Prime with a Masterpiece Rodimus Prime lurking in the background since he had nowhere else to go.

Shelf 4 is all about Decpticons with gaps for future figures that I need to unbox. Thus we here have Megatron and other notable Decepticon leaders (more or less).

Next up are the Seekers and their iterations across generations. And just to round out the air forces I have Thunderwing and Sky Shadow lurking in the back row.

And finally the Decepticon shelf ends with miscellaneous figures that didn't fit other categories including the Fall of Cybertron Combaticons.

The fifth and final shelf covers the Autobots and this first mass of figures primarily consists of various triplets - three different figures that used the same base mold.

Of course if there are triplets, then we also have twins in terms of this collection of figures.

And the shelf ends with other figures that didn't fit existing categories. The rather large gap there is space allotted for figures that are still in their packaging that need to be unboxed.

So that's the work accomplished thus far. Things will get interesting once we get the second shelf set up adjacent to this one. That will consist mostly of books and DVDS, but I also map out allotting space for my collection of Kre-O Transformers and Star Trek figures.