01692: Sietch Support

At one point in time or another, Tobie and I have shared the Sietch with other friends in need of a place to stay. For some it was a place to crash after a wild night or partying. For others it was a number of days while they finalized new living arrangements. For others it has lasted a month or two for similar reasons. As long as a good friend is in need, we've been generally open to helping out and making a little space for them here.

We're having another fried over starting this week while he extricates himself from an awkward living situation and finds a new place, so things should be interesting. He's offered to help out with chores and stuff while he's here, which is always a great offer, especially given who busy Tobie and I with all of our different endeavors. Plus he loves Yoshi, so that's always a key factor as of late.

In the meantime, we also need to jump back into the work grind after the holiday weekend. The day off was definitely nice, but now it's back to business. Oh joy.