01700: Geeky, Geekier, Geekery

Our Komikon 2013 Haul
So yesterday was a tiring yet fulfilling day. Straight from work (and thus without sleep), I managed to remain standing as Tobie and I went across the city for various geeky things.

First was Komikon 2013 at the Bayanihan Center. It was really nice to see all the different indie authors and other independent comic book creators active in the field today. I mean seriously, there are so many of them now. And the range of creative concepts and designs is just amazing. Naturally Tobie invested a lot in supporting various independent works as his way of giving back to the community.

Then we went elsewhere in Pasig City to join the Open Gaming Meet. The OGM has been going on for years now and Vic, who recently died, was a rather pivotal figure in keeping the OGM alive. And so it was nice that the group gathered to celebrate games and to remember Vic. We played an interesting set of games yesterday - Cards Against Humanity, the Doctor Who card game and Cosmic Encounters.

And today we're with other friends and we're still gaming. Yes, it's our anniversary but Tobie and I are spending the day gaming. And that's not a bad thing for two geeks in love.
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