01694: Too Much Meat Is Crazy (A Food Rant)

Recently the news started to go around the web that Man vs Food host
Adam Richman had lost over 60 pounds since he retired from the show in 2012. And that's a really good thing since watching shows like that and Todd Fisher's food adventures in United States of Food always leaves me feeling seriously worried for their health. I mean come on, it's like they're going to keel over and die during the episode given all the rich, fatty food that they're made to eat in the name of television entertainment. It's crazy and it totally sends the wrong message. And just because Man vs Wild shows all the time on TLC, I figure I might as well talk about this today.

I'm overweight - there's not denying that. And yes, I enjoy food as much as the next guy (obviously) but even I know when things go overboard. So yes, there is too much of a good thing and I've always been one to enjoy fish and chicken a lot more than beef and pork. I really need to get more exercise to balance the overall food equation here, but I'm generally able to moderate my red meat intake.

And I've tried attacking huge plates of meat here and there and more and more just the sight of those kinds of excessive dishes just makes my head hurt before the first bite. I mean come on, no one needs that much fat and protein in a single meal! It has to be some sort of since to have that much meat! I enjoy the occasional rasher of bacon, but I don't need you to construct a castle out of the stuff. Crazy.

The extreme eating madness needs to stop. We do not need to see how much cheese, bacon, grease and whatnot we can cram into every meal. Not only is it unhealthy, but you totally forget about the actual flavor of the meal? Whatever happened to thoughtful and meaningful preparation of food in order to convey a particular taste experience? What kind of flavor experience do these establishments want to present other than "meat nausea" or something?

So let's celebrate food that actual had some thought put into it and not just whatever someone slipped several dozen rashers of bacon into.
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