01704: Evaluating the Failure of my Project 365 for 2013

At the start of the year I set out to complete a 365 photography project of sorts. It was a little initiative to help encourage me to invest more time in my non-professional photography and see what would come out of it. For the most part I managed to keep up with things for most of the year but things sort of fell apart in September. I tried tracing back the extent of the gaps and they just seem to get worse once October comes around.

It's a bit of a shame since I had managed to get as far as I did. Then again, it's not like I missed on out enjoying life in general beyond my various tools for taking photos. It's ironic that I missed out on some days despite the fact that my HTC One does act as a pretty handy camera for those times when I don't have my Lumix on me. Then again, the phone is more than capable of distracting me with all sorts of other apps and things.

One of the key culprits, I feel, is my getting into SnapChat due to the prodding of a friend. SnapChat is a disposable image sharing service that allows you to send images to friends with the knowledge that they'll be deleted from the server within a predetermined amount of seconds. So I have been taking quite a number of photos over the past few months - but a lot of that effort was in terms of SnapChat photos that even I don't have a copy of, given the unique nature of the platform.

I'll do my best to finish up the year as best as I can. I'll probably try to calculate my attainment "score" if you will by the end of the year. In addition, I definitely want to try this again come 2014, but perhaps with an actual theme. This year's album is just a hodge-podge of different images. It would be interesting to put a more conscious effort into taking 365 photos that all work with a particular concept or theme. Any suggestions?