01691: A Trip South

Tobie and I just arrived back at the Sietch after a bit of a Southern excursion. We went to pay our respects to Vic, who passed over the weekend. It was a bit of a challenge to find the place, but once there things went well enough. Fortunately other gaming friends were there and that made for instant conversation material. Let's face it, gather a bunch of geeks together and they will find things to talk about regardless of venue.

Vic was an amazing guy and hearing some of the stories that people were sharing just reinforced what I already knew. And things ranged from how he was in person to even how he was online in various MMORPGs and stuff. The guy was a class act through and through and the world is diminished by his passing.

Since we were already in the South and Tobie had a bit of an errand to run as well, we figured that we might as well try to visit a few other locations of interest in the area.

First up was Magnum Opus, which is a nice little coffee place with specialty coffees and a bathroom with a TARDIS door. And yes, we went primarily because of the door more than anything else. And it's not like the whole cafe was done in a Doctor Who theme or anything. It was just the bathroom door. But to be fair, it was a pretty good recreation, even if the bathroom wasn't quite bigger on the inside.

The coffee was pretty good indeed, but it's not like Tobie and I particularly go out of our way for such things nor do we particular care whether or not our coffee is single origin and what not. It was funny when the barista made me smell the coffee grounds before they actually prepared the coffee. I didn't know how to react at first and so I just sort of stared at her for a bit as she held out the scoop first. So yes, we did enjoy the drinks, but it's not something we'll go out of our way for all the time.

Plus they forgot to serve the waffles that we had ordered.

Then we tried out Size Matters for dinner, which again was okay but nothing amazing. Considering the prices for all the items on the menu plus the name of the restaurant, I kind of expected the portions to be bigger or for there to be more fixings. Instead the burger was much thinner than expected and not quite as amazing as gourmet burgers go.

We had also ordered some pork chops that actually tasted pretty good - they clearly weren't just your basic salt and pepper chops. But at the same time they just didn't quite live up to the price tag attached to it.

So that was today - seeing a friend off to that undiscovered country and trying out quirky and rather expensive restaurants. If anything, at least we had a pretty awesome Vampire game last night. However we still haven't defeated Forbidden Desert yet. We are so gonna defeat that game soon, I promise!