0169A: I Am Proud To Be A Double Fine Backer

Last year, Double Fine Productions launched a Kickstarter project for a point and click adventure game to be created by the legendary Tim Schafer. It was my first-ever Kickstarter project and the one that I'm most eager about. And while the Kickstarter campaign significantly surpassed its funding goal, the game has been struggling through development given Tim went on to design a major game whose scope exceeded the initial project scope. They continue to accept donations for those who did not back the project initially.

I am incredibly excited about this game. Beyond my love for adventure games in general, I'm quite a fan of Tim Schafer's work given how he was involved in many of my favorite adventure games including the immortal Day of the Tentacle. Despite production challenges, the group is determined to push through with the project and remain very transparent about the entire development process at the same time. And that includes their funding challenges given the scope of the game and such.

One of the more recent updates includes the news that the game will be released in two parts - Act I will be available as a Steam pre-release title in January and the full game will ship by April of next year. Despite the overall delays, I still feel great about the project and just watching the documentaries alone has been a most enlightening experience to be sure. I still believe in the team and I know the delays and the weird release schedule are all necessary parts of the grand process that will result in an adventure game worthy of Tim Schafer.

Early previews of the game look very promising, especially with the initial voice cast, which includes Adventure Time creator Pendleton Ward. And given all that I've seen in the backer-only forums, there's a lot of reasons to be excited about this game.

Games are on my mind a lot these days. I constantly feel the urge to play games again although the lack of free time is proving to be a significant challenge indeed. And given how Tobie is actually involved in the creation of new games, I wonder if there's a potential career for me that taps into my love for such games.

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