0169D: Celebrate The Little Things

Baby Yoshi
Today is Yoshi's second birthday. Oh yes, our little baby is two full years old! Then again, he's probably not a baby anymore. He may be a rather small dog, which is only natural for his breed. But his behavior and his personality is definitely quite adult.

It's hard to believe that Yoshi first came to us as this tiny little thing - the very kind of toy dog that I'd refer to as a rat given his size. From being an extremely timid dog who would hide under the couch all the time, he's become quite the man of the house. He acts as if he owns everything that's in the refrigerator and he watches you carefully when you have the door open. He gets all excited whenever someone is the door and no one can visit the Sietch without a proper Yoshi sniff inspection. And knows exactly how to get your attention with his weird catlike stretchy move.

He's a big boy now and he acts like a full human member of this Sietch. He will join you for meals when it's dinner time. He will join you in the bedroom when it's time t sleep. And he'll even try to help you wake up when your alarm goes off.

I love this dog to bits and Tobie does too. And I know dogs well enough to recognize that Yoshi has definitely bonded with Tobie more than anyone else here. And this is considering how many guests we've had over on a regular basis because of all of our game sessions with friends. No matter how friendly he is with guests and how much everyone loves him, at the end of the day he's bound to follow Tobie around the house more than anyone else. And that's a wonderful, special thing indeed given that Tobie was once afraid of dogs. And now it's crazy how much love and affection he showers on our little Yoshi.

Yes, there's a lot of bad that has gone on over the past week or so including the death of a dear geek friend and of course Typhoon Yolanda. But while things look bleak and we all hope that things would go a lot better, it's never a bad thing to celebrate the seemingly small things. It's never a bad thing to find a reason to smile, because therein lies hope for the future.

Happy Birthday, Yoshi! We love you very much!