0163F: Like Riding a Bicycle?

Yesterday's blog post was my first attempt at fiction in a long, long time. It was a horrible first attempt (then again all writers hate their own writing to some extent), but it was still nice to write again. And that was really the goal - to sort of force myself to get back into creative writing as part of my longer term goals. It's hardly my best work, but still it feels right. So I'll keep at it, even a story segment or two a week. What's important is that I keep on writing and that I actually focus on finishing a story before moving on to another one.

I managed to get a lot of reading done over the weekend thanks to my family hospital bonding time (har har). And more reading means more possible sources of inspiration for more writing. The Stories: All New-Tales anthology is really fueling the bulk of my current surge of inspiration, although the fact that I managed to finish the bulk of Crux while trying to get some sleep yesterday was probably a key factor as well. After all, reading books, regardless of their quality, can spur you on to writing better, one way or another.

So that's my new rule of thumb for this blog - when I don't know what to blog about in terms of my life (or are unable to given I censor most work stuff), I'll try to write more fiction instead.