01640: Cooking Relief

So over on Baduy Pride, I actually wrote a blog post about Mexican Relish. Go check it out now, then come back! LOL

It's easier to talk about food than to discuss work. And work is going to get a little more complicated over the next few weeks. Change is constant in life, but more so in the work environment, I feel. And I know that there's more stormy weather ahead because of recent announcements. It's not totally bad, but it won't be easier either. Things always seem to need to get worse before they get truly better.

I think that's why I was so determined to cook today as soon as I got home from work. As much as I am able to vent my stress through writing and Transformers time, there's also something to be said about cooking having similar therapeutic benefits. But I really derive most "good vibes" as it were from the procedural nature of working through a recipe. All the prep work needed before you can even light the flame leads to the actual cooking, seasoning and maintaining proportions and finally bringing everything together to make the new dish.

And the actual eating is just the bonus.