01639: More Writing Time Needed

My days are filled with a heck of a lot of writing, but little of it is of the creative kind. And that's always one of my main issues with myself - I keep talking about wanting to get back into my writing and yet keep finding excuses not to.

I suppose it can't be helped - I actually do a lot of writing for a living. My Marketing role, which is really more of business development, has me working on 50+ page proposals day in and day out. Seriously, the work just never goes away. And these are pretty complex documents that require me to be able to write intelligently about all aspects of our business ranging from operations strategies, hiring practices and information technology configurations. I think I've learned more about the call center industry in the 4 years that I've been working in this role versus the 6 years prior.

But that's technical writing, which is a bit of a brain drain that leaves me really exhausted by the time I get home. Then you throw in the fact that I actually invest a lot of my free time into blogging - both my personal stuff here, my reviews over on the Geeky Guide and the mushy stuff on Baduy Pride (which hardly gets updates as it is), I really don't leave much free time for actual creative writing.

I think my best bet, as was previously discussed in an earlier blog post that I can't find right now, is devoting some of my personal blogging time as creative writing time. I tried to schedule it before to force myself to write but wasn't able to maintain it very well. So with luck I can figure out a new schedule and start sharing some short fiction here as opposed to just these seemingly random updates that make me feel better. It'll take some getting used to, but I think the exercise should be an interesting one.

I just really need to get past that wall of fear in my head and get back into writing. This is something I want to do in the long run after all. And if creative writing doesn't pan out, maybe I just need to take the past of the essayist or something. But that's a bigger question for another day.