01635:A Geekily Productive Day

I have had only about 3 hours of sleep so far and we haven't even begun tonight's RPG session. But hey, I have no complaints - it has been a pretty awesome day.

Today's haul includes the following Transformers:
1. Generations Trailcutter
2. Generations Orion Pax
3. Generations Megatron
4. Generations Bumblebee
5. Generations Starscream & Waspinator
6. Generations Megatron & Chop Shop
7. G1 Cosmos
8. G1 Warpath

The reason why I have all these new figures at the same time is that today was one of those special release days that Hasbro stages. Basically they choose one toy store to become the first branch to include these toys and folks can get at most one of each new figure per customer. They're fun ways to make sure that you get the figures that you want from each toy wave - and this was the first time that Kervs had joined me! A lot of folks wanted the new Trailcutter figure since we haven't had a decent Trailbreaker figure in like forever.

After Megamall, Kervs accompanied me to Greenhills since I had brokered a few deals, but on the Star Trek front, surprisingly enough. Thanks to my friends at Via Astris, which is the Star Trek group that I'm a part of, I was able to secure new ships! Good grief!

Today's haul includes the following Star Trek goodies:
1. Star Trek Micro Machines Limited Edition Collector's Set I
2. Star Trek Micro Machines Limited Edition Collector's Set I
3. Hot Wheels USS Enterprise-D (saucer section separates!)
4. Hot Wheels Klingon Bird-of-Prey (wings move!)
Special thanks to Rommel and Jon for providing these items.

And then we managed to rouse Tobie so he could join us at Greenhills, which was a really good thing since he was the one who found the G1 Cosmos and Warpath figures. But then going around Greenhills led to other random purchases of a geeky nature:

Today's haul included the following geeky items:
1. Doctor Who: A Tale of Two Time Lords Sticker Guide (Thanks, Jon!)
2. Doctor Who Series 6: River Song (from Series 5)
3. Doctor Who Series 6: The Astronaut
4. One Adventure Time mug
5. Two Doctor Who mugs
6. Two new dice for Tobie!

And now we're playing Last Night on Earth with Marvin and Jeff before moving on our scheduled God Machine Chronicle RPG session.

So yes, it's a greatly geeky day.