0164C: Last Night's Advanced Birthday Celebration

Fan sign collage by Prince
I still ache all over after last night's craziness at O Bar - all part of my advanced birthday celebration of sorts. I really wasn't expecting too many people to come, but I was totally surprised by all the folks who did and it made the night all the more memorable. My O Bar family is a unique group of friends that counts the owners and members of the staff as part of that number. I'm eternally grateful to all of them for last night, and pretty much each and every night at O Bar.

But other friends showed up too - and I was totally surprised by that as well. I know PJ had work today, but he still joined us at the bar and brought some lovely cupcakes. I haven't seen Ryan and John in ages and they totally rocked my world by showing up. At from the geek contingent, Nik made the effort to go - and to be fair he's really consistent about these sorts of things. He's certainly a most precious and dear friend. Beyond that, I think I lost track of all the different folks who greeted me at the bar. There's the likes of Bong, who was at the bar briefly before heading out of the city. Nob was also at the bar before needing to fly back out to Japan today. Crazy!

My thanks to Tobie for making an effort to invite more folks over. I really didn't even want to bother given everything else going on in the world, so it really went a long way towards making me feel great on the pre-birthday celebration night.

My birthday is really two more days away, but last night really helped this year's celebrations feel special. So even though I know that I'll be spending my birthday at the office this weekend really went a long way towards making me feel great. And we should all be thankful for such moments in our lives.