0164A: Pre-Birthday Weekend

Well, it's the weekend before my birthday. And when your birthday lands smack dab in the middle of the week, one's options for celebrating are rather limited. I could file leave for the middle of the week, but then what? Tobie would still have work the next day and no one would be available to join me for any kind of celebration.

Wednesday birthdays suck.

So I suppose this weekend is going to be the closest I'm going to get to any sort of a birthday celebration. In line with this, we have two different gaming sessions scheduled and a night at O Bar come Sunday. Otherwise, I haven't planned an actual "party" (nor do I particularly want one).

I guess the bigger challenge is the fact that I don't really know who I'd even consider inviting to any sort of birthday event and the inevitable consequence of some of those people not being able to go. And besides, it's just a birthday, right? It's not like I did anything particularly great on that day. I just arrived at the right time and that's about it.

But I am good for gifts. Har har.

So in case you do want to "celebrate" my birthday with me, you're either one of the folks that I'll be gaming with either tonight or tomorrow or maybe I'll see you at O Bar.