01637: Birthday Non-Planning

Tobie wrote a lovely post on Baduy Pride yesterday that certainly had me smiling. Then again, we always have these little things that we do from day to day to make things special. And for this I'm forever grateful and glad that we got back together.

His post also touched on my birthday this month,which is also something that I've written about at the start of this month together with a birthday wish list. On that note I'm still undecided as what exactly I want to do on that day. Admittedly my geek spending has been rather high these past weeks with all the new Transformers coming out, plus there's still Transformers Generations Metroplex on the horizon. Thus I don't foresee wanting to host some big party of anything like that. I don't necessarily see us planning something special either apart from possibly going to the Mind Museum this month - I think that's the safest activity to map out since we have some free tickets as patrons.

This is not to say that I won't accept gifts or anything like that - I'm not crazy. But I don't see myself throwing more money at the event either. And in a way I guess I've already indulged myself in advanced birthday gifts with all these geekery, so let's not get crazy in that manner either. No regrets when it comes to geekery though - more geek stuff for the Sietch means more for us to celebrate together with Tobie and Yoshi.

Here's to hoping we have a good week ahead!
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