01633: Kicking Off the Birthday Month

Who makes a birthday cake on FIRE?
Well it's the first day of August - my birth month. I've done a bunch of different things over the year to mark this period like writing a series of blog posts talking about different parts of my childhood, or a series of blog posts about little quirks about me and other such things.  And yes, I occasionally run birthday wish lists just for the heck of things.

And many times I've done absolutely nothing special or particular for this period. A birthday is just a birthday is just a birthday - it's just a date of pure, well, happenstance. I didn't get to pick my birthday. I didn't have to do anything to make it my birthday. It was merely the day that I was born. But the conventions of our society put some degree of importance and significance on our day of birth, and so we go through all the trappings.

I don't know if I want anything "special" to happen, for that matter. Do I want to go through the inconvenience of putting together an event and figuring out whether this friend or that acquaintance should be a part of it? And I know I'm not alone in this kind of thinking - when the luster of childhood is gone, I'm pretty sure we all reach that point in our lives when we go through this line of thinking. Do we want a party? Do we want to make a trip? Do we want to take the day off from work? And so on and so forth.

Well, there's no sense in over thinking these sorts of things. I suppose we'll just wait and see how the month goes and what will actually happen on that particular day.


  1. One thing for sure, we're gonna celebrate it! And if we have friends and family who can join us, then all the more awesome.


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