0164B: 4-Player Gaming Night

So last night's game night didn't have as many guests as planned but it was still a lot of fun. We managed to play three different games over the course the night - namely Pandemic, Settlers of Catan and Space Alert. Given there were only four of us, it did give us an opportunity to play different games with smaller player counts. Had other guests arrived, we would have needed to rely on other games like Dixit and Once Upon a Time. This is not a bad thing in itself, but it's nice to have a little variety.

I love game board nights, if only because games have become so complex over the years. It takes a certain kind of brilliance to develop games that have amazingly dynamic rules without becoming overwhelmingly complicated to understand. That is a degree of game design balance that sometimes escapes some folks (hello Mansions of Madness) and leads to some games that are better off with the benefit of computer automation and such.

We're gaming again today and then after Tobie and I will head to O Bar for some pre-birthday celebrating. Let's hope that the weather holds for the most part - there's far too much going on in the world to have to deal with more complications.

I'm not expecting "guests" given it's a Sunday night, plus factoring in things like the weather. And there's the whole anti pork barrel rally staged for tomorrow that I expect people plan to use their holiday for. Given I work in a call center, I'll still have shift to deal with come Monday night and this week still has a few key deliverables that I won't be able to escape from.

Oh life. Mid-week birthdays totally suck.

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