02CE1: Birthday Quasi-Planning

Wednesday Sinigang

It's going to be my birth month next week and that has led to inevitable questions about what I might possibly want to do. Like past years, my main checklist items are a birthday celebration at O Bar and making sure that we have scheduled gaming sessions with good friends during that particular weekend. And given how we schedule things earlier, we've already slotted some good stuff for the birthday weekend. We already have game plans for both Saturday and Sunday and we'll wrap up the weekend with a birthday salubong at O Bar. And I'm already pretty happy with that, quite frankly.

But of course, Tobie has asked if there's anything else I want to do for my birthday, and I honestly can't think of any other big-ticket items. I've scheduled most of August like another month, admittedly, which means all the usual game sessions and a few O Bar nights. I've even been able to throw in some local theater to round things out a bit further. But those aren't birthday things, just a result of when the theater companies had scheduled their shows.

I can't deny that I tend to keep birthdays pretty small in recent years. Inviting people can be tiring since a lot of folks won't be available and those that are may only have specific schedules and I don't want to add more scheduling load to my life. Even when it comes to things like celebrating at O Bar, I'm not considering inviting people outside of our usual O Bar circles because why bother, right?

Pre-pandemic Rocky might have cared a bit more about trying to gather more people for something like this. Post-lockdown Rocky doesn't need as much social attention and all that stuff. Or at least the whole pandemic experience has just encouraged me to be more insular and not rely as much on a larger social circle. Something like that.

If you'd like to celebrate my birthday with me but are not part of any of the aforementioned scheduled events, feel free to reach out - maybe we can still schedule something. But the fact that I'm hiding this quasi-invite in a blog post that few people actually read well...yeah we'll see how that goes.

The one thing I did sort of think of was maybe me and Tobie finally playing our copy of Dune: House Secrets, which is a mystery game using Portal Games' Detective system. We've been holding onto a lot of our legacy-style games waiting for a proper group to play through the games. But maybe we should just play this one since Dune is hardly the most relatable IP and I don't exactly know a lot of people who both love the franchise and like playing deduction games. 

Or maybe I'm not even trying to find a third or even a fourth player because it's such a hassle, admittedly.