02AE5: March Start

Tuesday Eggs

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 717

The day started with a pitch that many of us had stayed up late to finish. I'd like to think all the hard work paid off as it did feel like things had gone pretty well. Then I had to jump right into a late onboarding for a new employee and then the rest of the day had me busy with other things. March is off to a great start.

I'm behind on my reading goals for the year - not sure how to pick up the pace. The changes to comiXology Kindle Comics are still sort of throwing me off as I can barely stand the desktop reading experience, thus I stick to mobile. At least I'm making good progress with my re-read of Chapterhouse: Dune - I always enjoyed this one more than Heretics of Dune for some reason. 

I haven't updated the Geeky Guide in a while, even I mainly just post summaries of my reading efforts. I also didn't create a February reading update for my TikTok account and now it's already March. It's still early enough in the year to catch up on my reading, but I have no idea where I'm going with the tertiary content creation efforts. One thing at a time, I suppose.

I kind of envy Tobie's recent drawing efforts thanks to his new iPad. He's coming up with some great stuff and the whole effort is rather inspiring. But when I look to my own creative efforts, the best I seem to be capable of finishing include these limited daily updates for a personal blog and maybe keeping up with the photos and videos I take during O Bar nights. But sometimes even just keeping this blog updated takes so much effort after a long workday. I just don't have the brainpower for it, but I have soldier on since I know I'll feel worse if I don't post anything at all. 

But I'll leave these creative questions unresolved for now.