02567: A New Blog Focus?

A friend has recently started a travel blog and we've been having a few conversations about how to improve his site to help him achieve his goals. This naturally has me thinking about my own blogging. I juggle three sites - this personal blog, which I update daily, a couple's blog for me and Tobie that I try to update at least monthly, and then there's the review-focused Geeky Guide, which I update on week days. So there probably isn't room in my life for another blog.

But I know that it would make a lot more sense to create a blog that's a heck of a lot more focused than any of these other "projects" should I put my mind to it. It's really a question of what I'd end up writing about - like maybe tabletop gaming or Transformers, which are two things that I enjoy a lot. But I don't quite know how I'd sustain that sort of thing as the Geeky Guide has really honed me to just enjoy writing reviews, mostly.

But it does seem like an interesting writing exercise and one that could have more immediate monetary benefits versus what I do now. Plus given that I sould probably try applying what I know of digital marketing to a venture like this could yield positive results as well, right?

[EDIT] I've put together a quick survey about my blogging to help gather more information. Would really appreciate if you could participate!

I could re-brand the Geeky Guide to focus on one subject. I could scale down posting on the Geeky guide and start the new blog with a more specific niche. At the same time I could maybe stop posting on this blog on a daily basis to create more time to write other things.

Or I could just stick to what I do now and let sleeping dogs lie.