02C1D: Modern Property Sharing

Wednesday Cauliflower and Eggs

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1033

For our 12th anniversary, I got a YouTube Premium Family Plan for me and Tobie to share as a gift. It's one of the many communal digital things we have like how we share accounts for Netflix and Disney+. We can't get legally married in this country, but at least we can have small wins like these things.

Today I finally checked with Google One support about what happens when two users both have Google One plans (like me and Tobie) but one adds the other to a family group and shares Google One benefits. I had actually added Tobie as a family member when I first decided to subscribe for paid Google storage, but I didn't toggle on the option to share storage and other benefits since I was worried about the conflict. But now that I know it's okay (Tobie will just have his subscription + my shared benefits), so I turned it on right after ending my chat with the support rep. 

In line with my recent Lastpass alternatives considerations, I've been looking at Family plans for services like 1Password as the best option since they're better value-for-money and I'll hopefully get Tobie's password management upgraded somewhat from his current methodology. Then it should also make it easier to share passwords with one another for things like the aforementioned Netflix account and the like. And given the near snafu I experienced when my phone screen died while in Singapore, letting Tobie have more direct access to my passwords may be a good thing.

I'm still undecided about which password service to go with, but I'm hearing a lot of good things about 1Password at this point. It seems like a good balance of security features and ease of use, which should make it convenient for Tobie as well. If anyone has alternatives to recommend, I'd be glad to get more input. I'll probably try to set up a trial account soon and see how that goes. 

Talk about modern domestic considerations, eh? What other digital things do you share with your family and/or significant other/s?