02C1C: Broken Things

Tuesday Pasta

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1032

So my Google Discovery Page keeps feeding me updates on the Lastpass data breach and all the different things experts have had to say about it. The internet consensus seems to be that Lastpass has handled the breach rather poorly and could have been a lot more transparent. But it's hard to really find objective discussions on the subject since every other piece is probably an advertorial for some other password management service. 

I've tried to remain rational about this, but the many, many articles have made me think about things for sure. But it does seem the better Lastpass alternatives tend to be paid solutions with some prominent ones that come up often being 1Password and Dashlane, among others. I should check in on how other tech friends handle their online security needs. I know things are relatively okay for now since I regularly update my master password (especially after the breach), but is that enough?

Has anyone else switched away from Lastpass? 

In other news, my JBL Endurance Jump headphones are on the verge of breaking again. This pair lasted a bit longer than the prior one but still haven't made it to one year. I've asked contacts for their recommendations and everyone is pushing earbuds. I've generally been avoiding them since the fit isn't always great and I'm more worried that I'll lose one of them. Plus I've experienced charging issues where one earbud is powered down while the other one is still working and it just throws you off. At the very least, I shouldn't buy another JBL pair since the size isn't quite large enough and I think the strain of trying to stay wrapped around my big head is why the rubber gives way. 

The headphones still work - it's just the rubber that breaks. And that's sort of the main feature - my fear of loose earbuds has me preferring this over-the-ear hook to help hold it in place. But that's also the breaking point that experiences the most stress as I put them on and take them off multiple times a week. 

We'll see how it goes. A lot of the earbuds that people have been recommending are significantly more expensive than what I've been investing in JBL. But then again, I've already bought four headphones from this series - 1 Endurance Run and 3 Endurance Jump. So I've already spent more than the value of some of the headphones friends have been recommending. So I may be the one still losing out there.