02583: First Week of Gym

Time flies when you're killing yourself at the gym I guess, but it has already been a week since I signed up for Anytime Fitness, my first gym chain in over a decade, probably (the last being Slimmer's World, of all places).

I've been making a point of going pretty frequently, perhaps a bit more than I should but I'm still learning. I've entirely replaced my morning jogging sessions with these trips to the gym and it has been an effort to figure out just how much I can manage without overly taxing my system.

I've progressed from using old routines from my past gym experiences to following the Nike Training Club app for a more guided workout methodology. I still do at least 15 minutes of cardio per day but I adjust based on the projected intensity of my Nike workout for the day. But on days when the Nike app recommends that I just take a break, I still end up at the gym for a longer time on the treadmill and maybe some yoga videos from my past efforts to improve my overall level of fitness during my pre-keto days.

I don't have visually noticeable progress to talk about just yet since hello, it has only been a week. But I'm still largely surprised that I actually signed up and I've actually been going and I this may actually work out. The only pain is that I will be flying out for a work trip soon and I haven't been a member of the gym long enough to be able to access Anytime Fitness gyms in Singapore just yet. I guess I'll be able to at least jog before work maybe unless I copy some of the YouTubers and try to keep up with the Nike app-based training in the park or something. That feels weird to even just type out so I rather doubt that'll happen.

I'm actually going to miss being able to go to the gym while I'm away. Now that is pretty weird to type. And I'm pretty sure that's an honest feeling.