02D3B: Sietch Updates

Friday - Bangus Belly Fillet

First, special birthday greetings to our one and only anak, Nico! I think we're really at that latter "parental" stage in our friendship where we don't always see one another often but we still stay in touch. And we're always proud of his achievements and accomplishments because that's what parents do, right? 

In other news, the LG technician dropped by the Sietch today. As expected, they'll need to pull out the washing machine for more extensive repairs. It's generally the same case as what happened in 2020 when a coin or some other foreign matter ended up where it shouldn't have been and created a hole in the main drum. And given the age of the unit, there are a few other things they might as well replace like the fading display panel and the worn-down rubber gasket ring. It's going to cost a fair bit but it'll still be cheaper than a new machine. I figure this should be the last major repair we go through for this machine - the next time there's an issue, we'll finally move on to a newer one. 

And I really need to be more diligent about checking pockets for coins and other metal bits and bobs. 

It's already annoying knowing that it's going to cost a fair amount to get the machine repaired. It's doubly annoying to consider that we'll need to pay for a laundry service in the interim until the machine comes back. The earliest date that they can pull out the machine is either Wednesday or Thursday, then it'll be another week for repair and observation before they can bring it back. So sending our laundry laundry is going to be inevitable within the next 2 weeks.

Otherwise, it has been a busy workweek but it's time for the weekend now. Those who work following a US schedule are probably enjoying a long weekend (provided they filed for leave today). And we're going to enjoy some Friday night games before our bigger monthly game session tomorrow.