02722: Our Only Child

So Nico, our official "anak" is celebrating his birthday today. I've always found it a little funny that we've had a kid since pretty much the start of our relationship. But we love him dearly and he has never stopped being a delight in our lives and over the years we're shared a LOT of fun memories together.

I've had a lot of much younger social media friends rush to refer to me as their new virtual "dad" for one reason or another, for me we only really have the one kid, and that's Nico. Sure, he's no longer the student that Tobie first met and he's quite the career professional at this point and we couldn't be prouder. And while most of our interaction time centers around O Bar, this is not to say the friendship is limited to that location.

We really should try traveling together again. We had a lot of fun during an early Puerto Galera trip many years ago and we've yet to try that again. Maybe we should all trek to Baguio together or something.

So Happy Birthday, Nico! We love you so much. Never stop being you.