02D3A: Washing Machine Repeat Breakdown

Thursday - Tobie Roast Chicken

 Tobie and I have been able to walk again over the past few days and it's nice to be back. Last week's weather was our main hurdle, but things have been a bit more stable this week. Count your blessings and all.

Four years ago our LG washing machine developed a leak at the very tail end of its warranty period. They had to pull out the machine at the time, which was a bit of a feat in itself given it was the peak of the quarantine period. But at least it got fixed and we weren't without a machine for too long.

The leak came back today, seemingly stronger than ever. I suppose that's not bad given the machine hasn't given us any other issues over the past 4 years. As a whole, it's already a 5 year old machine so trouble is bound to crop up here and there. But it is frustrating when this happens. I immediately contacted the service center and we've set up an appointment for tomorrow afternoon. That's just going to be the diagnostic visit - I'm sure they're going to say that they'll need to pull out the machine again and we'll be without laundry capability for at least a week - I can't remember how long it took last time.

Not having a washing machine is going to be very annoying. If you know me to any significant degree, you know that I love doing the laundry. I love our washing machine almost as much as I love our vacuum cleaner - which is a weird sentence to type down. And it's also terribly inconvenient since I'm a little "behind" on our laundry since I've been trying to avoid going too crazy in the laundry department as we end up not having enough closet and drawer space to store everything all at once.  

I am trying to remain calm, but I'm also very upset. I'm already steeling myself to prepare to have our laundry done elsewhere because I feel like I'm going to run out of clothes. But then I have more than a week of underwear in queue so maybe I shouldn't get too bonkers. But ugh. So inconvenient and an additional expense I could totally do without.

Random: I'm rather looking forward to getting either an air fryer or some sort of multicooker for when we move South. The oven that we've been using came with the unit we're staying in, so we'll need something to replace it. And an air fryer-style device would be a lot smarter than a full-size oven - especially since Tobie does a lot of roasting for meals. Thinking about this, at least, makesm me happier.