02D14: Pre-Checkout Rambling

 Monday - Sentosa Flower Dragon

There's a lot of news about the next wave of Samsung Galaxy Watches coming out but I'm kinda over it. I think I'm already at peace with my choice of Garmin fitness watch and I should probably just go ahead and order it already so that I stop thinking about it. I'm well past the initial research efforts of figuring out which device to get based on how I intend to use it and already in the stage of researching how to get started with it and what kind of settings I'll be able to play with. Plus I had also cleared with Tobie the one that I want to get him and he kinda laughed when I showed him the watch. I'll do a reveal once he actually has it.

Note to self: buy the darn devices already.

From a due diligence standpoint, I did try looking for local options and even got to hold a display version of the one I'm considering and it still feels right. There's still the temptation to go for the more Fitbit Sense-like Garmin Venu Sq 2, but even here it's showing that the item is no longer on sale online. I think I saw it at the local Best Denki, but I feel like the universe is trying to tell me to skip it. Plus with the discounts I'm getting by ordering it as part of my departure from Singapore, it helps me get a newer model at a similar price point.

I'll concede that I'm just impatient to say that the Garmin devices are already "ours" even if I won't be able to claim them until I'm actually on my way home in June as I need to go for in-flight delivery to make the most of things. I was also hoping to use some of my miles to further supplement the purchase, but it seems that either the items I'm getting aren't eligible or the total value of my checkout cart doesn't meet some requirement. But it's cool, I'm still saving money, relatively speaking.

Beyond that personal nonsense, today was the start of another workweek and also my younger nephew's birthday. It was a particularly busy morning but at least I got to walk him to school where he eventually had a little birthday celebration with everyone there. I have finally decided on the sort of gift that I want to get him but I haven't been able to find one that is to my satisfaction just yet. Plus it'll mean getting something for his brother because of course the balance must be maintained between the siblings plus I'm a sucker of an uncle. I'll see if I can force something in the coming days - otherwise the only other gift this uncle can offer is the amount of time and effort I'm investing in them while I'm here.

I'm at least in that category of "replacement parent" when it's just me with the boys. Since I've gotten here, I've had to resolve numerous tech issues with tables, find missing toys that are suddenly "gone", and navigate the many little disputes that crop up between two young brothers. It's a lot of work but it's fun "work" even if it means me spending most of my time at home. Then again, it's not like I have a whole bunch of other things that I want to do while here. The most entertaining thing to experience is just seeing how the boys react to different things and experience the world for themselves. They're really coming into their own and it's just nice to be a part of things, even if just to a limited degree.

And now...I want to read some more before bed.