02D0C: Great Gaming Weekend

Sunday - Star Trek Frontiers

As far as pre-trip weekends go, this has been a very enjoyable one despite some twists. We had a lot of good gaming with different friends across this weekend and we capped things off with a hearty dinner at the Tang Korean restaurant in the area.

For our FGTC game night, it was nice that we started pretty early as we got to tackle some pretty heavy games. We definitely made the most of the time we had allocated together. 

Our first big game of the night was Shadows Over Camelot, mainly because it could support all 6 players present at the time. It's still one of our favorite traitor games and it presents a very compelling PvE and later PVP challenge once the traitor reveals himself. Alas, the traitor won that game despite the best efforts of the loyal knights.

Then we broke into two groups to play different smaller games. This included the likes of Splendor: Pokemon, Let's Go! To Japan!, and Get Bit! They all scratch different itches and are a lot of fun overall. It was funny that was able to play Splendor while still helping with the rules of the Japan game because I really like that game.

Then we tackled two different big games in simultaneous sessions. Our side played a blitz cooperative scenario for Star Trek: Frontiers and barely managed to defeat the two Borg Cubes at the center of the mission. The other table played the sprawling Wonderland's War, and I will admit I had hoped to play that too. But it's only fair since the owner of that game had hoped to play Star Trek as well. 

We spent some time further explaining the potential changes coming up to the group because they are one of our main emotional support pillars. The group helped everyone stay sane as we got through the lockdown period of the pandemic and their support will be super needed for the move should it push through - or once it pushes through? 

Our final game for the night was a last round of Let's Go! To Japan! because why not, right? It was a nice game to end the night with for sure. And I have another game night with them to look forward to pretty much right after I get back from my work trip. 

Today, we didn't get to push through with our scheduled Pendragon online RPG session since one of the players was still recovering from a sore throat. But at least we were able to pivot into playing two rounds of Tapestry via Board Game Arena which still made for a very fun afternoon. I managed to win the first game but the second one had a clear winner - curse the Futurists! 

I'm glad that we still have digital board game options like this for the times when we want to game with people who aren't physically with us at the game table. There are a lot of games with excellent digital implementations that we help extend the joys fo tabletop gaming to being a remote experience.

Bugger, I still haven't written my blog post dedicated to celebrating the dancing skills of our fabulous O Bar family. That's something I need to try to make time for this week.