02D0B: A Different Weekend

Saturday - O Bar Table Crew

For most O Bar nights, we largely go with people we know pretty well. We have a chat group for the people we usually go with and when they're not free we start reaching out to other friends who maybe don't go with us as often or have never been there and we're eager to introduce the O Bar experience to them. And in recent months it feels like we've had at least one friend at the table who was a first-timer as people have been busy over the summer season.

As I had been blogging about all week, it was quite the struggle to gather a group for our Friday night O Bar table and we ended up arranging to go with a number of contacts who weren't new to O Bar but had never gone with us. They all didn't know each other and it was also our first time to meet most of them in person after strictly online interactions. There's nothing inherently bad about that, but it is rather rare as we tend to at least have most of the table being more familiar to us. 

But I think we managed to break the ice decently enough and we had a pretty good time together. I still wouldn't rush to repeat this sort of experience any time soon, but at the very least we've expanded our roster of possible people to bring to O Bar. It also helped that the Friday night show felt especially good as they had included a small segment celebrating various musicals plus other great numbers that we've come to love. I wouldn't go as far as saying it was a greatest hits sort of thing, but it was definitely a little special.

Today is our big monthly board game night with good friends, and we're leaving earlier than usual because there's a Santacruzan event in the area that is expected to complicate things. Here's to a fun night of gaming ahead!