02D05: Forecasting Changes


Sunday - O Boys

Last night at O Bar was pretty fun as it was a double birthday event. Each set was curated by a different O Diva and this resulted in a pretty diverse night. The first set was for Valeria, and she went for a Taylor Swift Eras Tour recreation of sorts. The second set was for Amanda, and her set was more eclectic with a striking rock ending. 

Note to Self: I keep thinking about writing a post about all the work that goes into O Bar's dance performances that I really want to celebrate a bit more. I promise to do this within the week.

For Mother's Day, we were all over the place for one reason or another. Our main shared activity was our bi-weekly family book club meeting that we scheduled to match the day. Mom had some interesting news before we even got to the book discussion as she had made a special Mother's Day plan for herself. 

Tobie and I have been having ongoing discussions about the possibility of moving back to his family home to keep his mom company. Today's family announcement had me thinking about this again and Tobie and I talked about it during our evening walk. We've started to map out what those plans might look like and all the things that might change in terms of our usual routines. 

Naturally, one of the things I've been thinking a lot about is how much harder it may be for current board game friends to come visit us for game nights. Tobie did point out that most of our activities have shifted to remote setups ever since the pandemic and we're bound to connect with other people in that area to make up for the shift in location. Plus since we work from home, we don't interact all that much with things happening around BGC beyond our evening walks.

At the very least, we'll finish our current lease contract before any big changes can be confirmed. And we'll probably need the rest of this year to work out all the details.

The only constant is our commitment to regularly go to O Bar at least once a month since (1) driving to Ortigas that late in the evening won't be too terrible and (2) Tobie was already regularly driving to O Bar when he was still based there.