02C64: Holiday Ecommerce Considerations

Monday - Charcoal Grilled Sliced Pork Steak

We had a pretty productive Christmas shopping session after work. Last week, we had only managed to get stuff for one of our gaming groups just in time for our game night last Saturday. This week the main agenda was to get gifts for our O Bar family, which means a LOT of items to cover the different performers and other members of the staff. As much as we're still "just" customers, they really are part of our chosen family. And we still want to show a little extra appreciation for them for the holidays, even if the gifts aren't overly extravagant. 

That just leaves gifts for family and a few other friends. We're at the edge of the reasonable online ordering period so the bulk of our remaining gifts will have to be purchased in person like what we had to do today. But that's the best kind of Christmas shopping really - barring big crowds of course.

Speaking of online orders, I've initiated the returns process for two separate items I've ordered recently. One is a pack of sleeves that I had ordered via Amazon. Instead of some proper thick sleeves to secure our Smash Up cards, I instead received very flimsy inner sleeves that totally didn't match what was on the item description. I had actually ordered 2 packs of sleeves and they got split into separate orders for some reason. I'm going to wait for the 2nd pack to arrive before I schedule the DHL pickup for this return just to be sure.

The other item is for a pair of Bose Soundsport headphones I had gotten for myself during 11.11. They fit great but the battery life is crap and the headphones are essentially unusable for more than an hour at best. It's a good thing that I hadn't thrown out my crap AWEI headphones that work decently but don't fit well. They'll have to carry me through for now until I can get a proper upgrade somewhere. I had been hoping that the Lazada return would have just gotten to the point that an automatic refund would have been processed instead, but no dice. I've already scheduled the pickup for this item and we'll see if I can get my money back. 

Returns are so annoying.