02C63: Weekend Run Through

Sunday - The Peak

We've played a great roster of games this weekend. Let's go through the list!


  1. Moon
  2. Donut Shop
  3. Forbidden Desert
  4. Detective: City of Angels
  5. Agueda
  1. Moon
  2. Lost Ruins of Arnak + Expedition Leaders expansion
  3. Town 77
  4. Donut Shop
  5. Cascadia
  6. Imperial Miners
  7. Atiwa
  8. Agueda
  9. Welcome To... Winter Wonderland expansion
Laying everything out like this is rather interesting since it helps illustrate some of the patterns of our games. Newer games tend to get some initial spotlight circulation as we introduce the game to other friends. This is the case for our newer games like Moon, Donut Shop, and Agueda this month as we've just learned how to play them and are still putting the games through their paces. But there are other games that are already fairly entranced into the collection but we have to put some effort to keep them going - in this case, that's games like Atiwa and maybe even Cascadia. 

Our game collection is quite significant at this point and efficient management is crucial to make sure we get different games circulated but also so that we continue to play the games that we genuinely enjoy when we want to. That means juggling the right mix of players who appreciate the different types of games that we have and we also need to keep up-to-date on learning games as they come in and then teaching others how to play them. 

Beyond that, our afternoon RPG session got canceled, so we ended up watching the new Doctor Who special followed by the last two episodes of Yumi's Cells. Doctor Who was GREAT and it's probably one of the better episodes out there for sure. Yumi's Cells didn't end the way we had hoped and I'm going to be grumbling about this for a while. 

Then we had a family dinner to celebrate Mom's birthday, which was a nice way to wrap up this weekend. I'm still pretty full even as I type this and I don't know if it's perfectly safe to go to sleep feeling this way.