02CE5: More Gaming Gushing

Sunday Tapestry

Despite the craziness of last night's (or this weekend's) weather, our game night last night was pretty fun. Only one of our friends couldn't make it because of flooding-related complications, so we still had a pretty solid group of friends present. 

Our warm-up games were Sanssouci and Star Trek: Missions. Then we had bigger party games to cover the whole group - namely Knit Wit and Night of the Mummy. Then we broke up into groups to tackle the big games Tapestry and Brass: Birmingham. Then the remaining players closed the night (past sunrise) to finish a last round of Suburbia using our Collector's Edition of the game. That all made for a great collection of games to tackle, although it's a shame that we didn't have enough time to squeeze in another round of Ark Nova or even trying out Disney Animated. But similar to my Tapestry situation, I appear to already be committed to getting a copy of that last game even before playing.

We were supposed to have a Horror on the Orient Express RPG session today, but some of our players couldn't make it so we had to change plans. It's a shame, but totally understandable given the weather. And at the very least, that gave us time to try out Sniper Elite: The Board Game, which Tobie had recently picked up.

Oh, and picking up from yesterday, I was able to order Tapestry and all related expansions released to-date thanks to one of our gaming friends. I even got to order some new expansions for Rolling Realms, which is a rather niche roll-and-write game that is totally a signature product of the pandemic lockdown period. Is this the beginning of my Stonemaier Games era? Thus far our only physical games from this publisher include Viticulture and Rolling Realms and digital copies of Wingspan and Scythe. But those other games don't quite speak to me on the same level as Tapestry for some reason, so I can't wait to get our own copy of the game. I'm just considering this investment as a birthday gift to myself as the game should arrive just in time for any birthday weekend gaming.

The other big geeky day of late is the Magic: the Gathering Doctor Who expansion. We're getting a better look at some of the cards and I'm pretty excited. While I gave up regularly collecting Magic cards well before our full board game era, I recognize that I definitely want to own these cards. I doubt I'll get into any sort of competitive play, but the pre-built Commander decks should be more than enough to satisfy any casual desire to play from time to time. Outside of that, the cards just look like a lot of fun to have - which is totally what Wizards of the Coast are probably hoping for with sets like this. I skipped the Lord of the Rings cards, but I totally want these. I've already placed a pre-order for all four Commander decks on Amazon, but let's see if a reasonable local pre-order option comes up.