02CB1: Cherry on Top

Thursday Sea Urchin

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1181

And once again, we're at the end of another trip. It has been quite a fulfilling experience both professionally and personally and, as always, I am glad that I have the opportunity to travel like this. You can all have your trips to far-flung places - I just want to see my family here in Singapore and everything else is just gravy.

We got a lot of stuff done at work but there's even more stuff left to do. But I think the conference last week was definitely a great energizer as it helps reinforce that it feels like we're on the right track and we're just going to keep pushing forward. There are a lot of big changes ahead and we're going to need to pull together to see things through.

I obviously had a lot of great moments with my nephews and my heart is full. It's going to feel a bit sucky to leave them again, but these are very modern kids who are growing up with the experience of having family members who are active on screens thanks to the internet. And I'm going to see them in person pretty soon because of another trip, so I really can't complain. I am always going to be Uncle.

I settled my pre-flight online paperwork earlier today and all that's left is final packing. I plan on waking up early enough to see the boys before they go to their respective schools and I in turn will need to make my way to the airport for my flight. So we'll wrap things up here so I can get my laptop stowed away and make my final trip preparations before bed.