02CAF: Family Crunch Time

Tuesday Home Dinner

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1179

Uncle milestones with the boys.

  • I now have two "games" to play with the younger one. One involves a rather one-sided game of tag where he randomly bops me and then runs away. The other involves us both playing with cars on the floor and me trying to tag him with my vehicle while he blocks with his. I was assigned an excavator for today.
  • The older one distinctly looked for "Uncle" today while I was finishing up stuff at home. It's nice to be remembered.
I'm already in the second half of this trip (or more like the tail end) and it all seems so fast (as usual). I really shouldn't lament much since I'll be seeing the family again soon at the end of the month because of another company thing, but of course, I'm still feeling a little mushy about it. This is the case every time one of these trips draws to a close and this one did feel shorter given we didn't get to interact much during my first week. 

With time running out, we're mapping out how best to use the time remaining. Yesterday I tacked on a visit to Games@PI as part of the meet-up with a friend and walked away without any purchases. Then today my sister and I made a Books Kinokuniya run and again I managed not to buy anything. We've made dinner plans for Thursday and that just leaves a last meet-up with a friend after work tomorrow. So that's...already about it.

Then I'll need to pack my stuff and spend Friday focused on the journey home.