02CB0: New Core Memory

Wednesday Mala

Metro Manila Community Quarantine - Day 1180

It's the middle of the workweek but what I'm feeling more of is falling off the sharp cliff that is the end of my trip. I have one more full day in Singapore and then Friday will be lost to traveling back to Manila. And Thursday is still a regular work day (and a school day), which means I'm still largely limited to nephew time only after we clock out for the day.

I had back-to-back meetings and tasks today and it was quite the rush. But thankfully I got to join today's pick-up for my older nephew because that is a story worth documenting.

So I joined his parents in picking him up from school, which is not an uncommon occurrence. What was the surprise was that when we did go to his classroom, he greeted me (as "Uncle"), ran over to me, jumped up to be carried, and proceeded to tell me "I love Uncle" and gave me a kiss. Maybe it was a bit performative for his teachers but I'm a sucker, and it totally melted my heart at that moment. Then this sucker of an uncle followed him as he indirectly showed me all of the rooms on that floor as he narrated whatever story was running through his head. 

It's the moments like these that I live for, really. They make these trips all the more special.

And now...I want to finish something for work before I go to bed.